Cristallo Cube quartzite mitered island

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Cristallo quartzite mitred island with pop-up power sockets and internal lighting mechanism. Technical specialities/characteristics:
  • Fabrication on precise dimensions.
  • All opposite sides of the six-sided structure exact parallel.
  • All angles exact 90 degrees.
  • Flush with the cabinet in all sides.
  • Top Granite level flush with the top position of the elevating wooden countertop.
  • A, B, C, D points defining one and only one level.
  • As Quartzite with an approx. 7 on Mohs scale, one basic cut is one time/one chance to go as close as it gets to keep the flow.
  • Adjustment water-cuts by hand absolutely necessary for perfect fit.
  • Tight mitres and absolute colour match everywhere.
  • Flow continuing everywhere.
  • Compact structure.