Proud to be a craftsman.
Our difference of thinking.
A master craftsman is an artist. Physics and Geometry are his palettes and your project is his canvas.
Latest and older tools his brush. With his imagination and problem solving creative thinking he must find the best-detailed way to achieve a flawless result. With his adaptivity to knowledge and an “I learn as long as I live” philosophy he never stops improving himself.
With his steady persistence and dedication to the goal, he won’t be satisfied unless he delivers perfection. 

Master Craftsman – Project Manager

– 3 generations of Craftsmanship –
Nick Skenteridis bio

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I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and my contact with stone started with my very first steps as our family house was attached to our workshop.

Our family Marble Workshop in Toumpa Thessaloniki was established by my grandfather Nikolaos I.Skenteridis in 1963. A genuine Marble Artisan who was also a sculptor. He was working as a sculptor with his sons Antony and Jordan(my father) few years after WWII with major sculpting work starting in 1949 for St.Therapon Church, Thessaloniki.

The family business at some time passed to my father who was also an excellent perfectionist craftsman and a contractor/builder and then at some point, to me.

As a master craftsman, I ‘ve worked for technical companies, stone companies, contractors, construction companies, architects, designers, civil engineers, decorators and for private individuals and I ‘ve faced all kind of stone fabrication and installation and managed the most difficult projects.

There are too many people who can verify our good name.

The necessary ingredients of our business were always:
Insist on perfection.
Receptivity to knowledge.

From April 2013 to October 2015 worked for Worldstone Inc in Edmonton, Canada.

I was dealing with all custom projects from template/fabrication/installation and complete management of all the High-End stone works.

Our customers

“We had a really difficult project and we wanted to be flawless. Someone told us to find a craftsman coming from a Mediterranean country with a long last name and we were fortunate to find Nick. Our kitchen is perfect.”
Susan K.
“ You truly are the finest craftsman with marble and stone that I have ever experienced. I am most proud that you and World Stone Inc. are doing all our stonework in our newly renovated condominium. We can't wait to see the finished product. The care you are taking with the building and crafting of each piece is truly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing and using the end product. Continue the good work.”
Gerry Y.
“My fireplace was unique and I was in need to build it in a specific way. Nick gave me the solution where many others failed. With his deep knowledge and experience, he managed my project from template to completion and delivered my special fireplace exactly as I asked for.”
Peter G.


“I have hired Nikos Skenteridis to work in my buildings to do marble works in a project. I want to admire his honest behaviour, his high professional attitude and his extra knowledge on marble construction and techniques.”
Spyros G.
“Nikos Skenteridis has worked for our company and collaborated with us in many marble-granite construction projects for several years. He is one of our best and trusty partners. We think that his skills and experience are making him one of the best choices for high demanding stone projects.”
Anthony M.
“We have been working with Nick for more than 20 years. He is one of the most responsible and experienced craftsmen we know. His insist to perfection and technical knowledge is giving him the ability to manage the most complicated project and achieve the best result.”
Yannis M.
“We have collaborated with Nikolaos in a refurbishment project. He is a high skilled and experienced craftsman and our cooperation were excellent. He managed to accomplish all the special requirements of the project and we are completely satisfied with his works and responsibility.”
Anna S.
“I have worked with Nick Skenteridis on a high-end condo renovation in downtown Edmonton. Nick’s knowledge of stone fabrication and installation was key to provide our client with an outstanding quality product. Nick is a team leader in a trade where skilled craftsmen are so hard to find.”
James A.
“I have worked with Nick in the past when he was employed at Worldstone, Edmonton AB. His knowledge of stone, cutting and installing is that of a craftsman, he has taken the trade to an art form. Nick worked diligently on finding the best solutions and spent the time to work with me to ensure I was satisfied. He worked tirelessly to provide exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations.”
Fay M.
“Our company has worked with Nick Skenteridis in several constructions as our collaboration has begun many years ago. We know very well his skills and potentials on stone works because we have seen the excellent results of his work. Experience, professionalism and responsibility are his characteristics.” Anna G.
Anna G.
“We suggest Nikos Skenteridis because we have seen his capabilities. Liturgical marble projects are very demanding and we have worked with Nikos in such projects. He is very experienced on marbles and our collaboration was always excellent.”
Ioannis P.